What Are The Things to Enjoy in Sabah?

Posted By on February 27, 2013


Sabah is definitely an exciting municipality that vows a lot of exhilarating times at the same time as you go on a trip in this place. I prepared a short list of happenings that you ought to do once you are in Sabah.

Discover the jungle

The countless tracks in the lovely tropical forest in Sabah summon you to get there and discover the exquisiteness and marvels of Mother Nature. Move up close at hand with the biggest flower called the Rafflesia flower and grasp the various exceptional classes of vegetation and wildlife that convene the sultry tropical forest in the ground underneath the breeze home.

Hike Mount Kinabalu

Turn up to a rising altitude of more than 4000 metres directly above sea height and revel in the topmost view from the peak of the mountain of Kinabalu. The hike is a challenging one to a certain extent. On the other hand, it is without doubt worth the exertion as soon as you have touched the topmost level. The pinnacle of the mount can be seen far and wide all the more so from the metropolis particularly whenever the atmosphere is flawless.

Island skipping

The landmasses all over the place of Sabah are spectacular. The seashores present remarkable sights of the vanishing point and the isles are astounding spots that provide remote personal day in the company of your precious ones.

Frolicking with the Pygmy Mammoths of Sabah

The frisky elephants in Sabah summon you to go to the place and stay in their household. There is not a single thing greater than being capable of getting so much up close with such sociable creatures and perceive by what means they exist. This would beyond doubt be an encounter you will hark back to for a lengthy period of time.

Plunge into the seawaters of Sipadan

The aquatic setting here is remarkable and is without a doubt somewhat you would surely never desire to toss up an opportunity to see the sights.

A Memorable Gastronomical Adventure in Indonesia

Posted By on January 10, 2013


Many people have traveled across the world yet are still in search for paradises that are kept hidden to multitudes. Indonesia is one of these hidden and enchanting destinations that a backpacker should visit.

The customs in Indonesia can be a bit different from the typical western culture. This makes the country even more interesting. And if by chance you would visit the place, you must try Indonesian recipes which will surely be a memorable dining experience especially for avid foodies.

pacquiao-ko-marquezThe cultural difference that I mentioned above comes from the way Indonesian food is eaten. Albeit dishes in Indonesia will only deal more of the manner they prepare the food, it is eaten in ways more than one. In a number of areas in the country, it is customary to eat with the use of spoon and fork. However, dissimilar to the Western culture, the fork is utilized only to drive the meal towards the spoon, which eventually is placed inside the mouth. In other regions of Indonesia including the island of Java, it is a custom to eat using their bare hands. Such practice is commonly witnessed in homes as well as their food stalls and restaurants. If you are going to eat using your bare hands, a bowl of water will be served along with meal. But, take not that this bowl of water will not be used as a thirst quencher. This will be used to wash your hands prior to and upon eating your meal.

Just like most of the Asian countries, rice is a staple meal in Indonesia. Other staple food in the country includes sweet potatoes, yam, and grains such as wheat and maize. To add to this information, a lot of leafy vegetables are also part of their normal daily dishes. These vegetables are usually comprised of papaya, cassava, and spinach. They are capable of creating a wide array of meals that range from curries to stir fry and soups. Just like any other countries, they also cook meat such as pork, beef, fish, and poultry.

Wedding Traditions in Different Countries

Posted By on December 10, 2012

Weddings are ceremonies of pure bliss, love, and commitment. It is always a picture of romance, beauty, and immortal happiness. Because of the different cultures that each country possesses, the supposedly happy and beautiful picture of marriage in some places might not always be the same portrait in other countries. Months before the wedding, brides-to-be are already busy checking out for their bridesmaid dresses and gowns (get yours here), and fitting these to make sure that everything is perfect for her and the entourage; but in some countries, the brides-to-be during this stage are still in pain from the piercings and disks that are placed in their lips as signs of wealth, albeit it sounds awful and quite hideous, that practice is believed to be beautiful for them. Here are some of the most peculiar wedding traditions in different countries that definitely show how unfathomable each civilization depicts.

India – If there are only a few days left prior to the wedding, most brides would have already been busy bathing in oils and milk, moisturizing their skin to the optimum, and taking in vitamin supplements to keep it glowing and clean during the occasion, but not in India. Days before the wedding, the bride and her female friends would have already started decorating their hands and feet with intricately made designs. The ink is made of henna and while it’s not for a lifetime, it can last for a few days, leaving her skin printed and dirtied with the dye throughout the event.

Ethiopia (Surma tribe) – Women are supposed to look flawless during the big day as they hire hair and makeup stylists to look every inch beautiful. But in this particular place, brides-to-be are required to remove their lower teeth, have their lips pierced, and have the clay disk inserted into it. This custom is made months before the wedding. And take note that the size of the disk is actually changed from time to time, so it’s getting bigger and bigger until the wedding day. It might sound hilarious, but the size of the disk is actually the determinant of the bride’s dowry. In other words, the bigger the disk, the bigger is the bride’s dowry as well.

Java – While couples set sufficient budget from a humble amount of $2000 to whopping $50,000 for the legal fees, church fees, reception, gowns and the like, to have a successful and memorable wedding, it is not cash that couples-to-be in Java should save much before the wedding event. The couple should prepare 25 rat tails to be submitted to the local office as the wedding fee. Furthermore, if you need divorce in the future, you will have to save at least 40 rat tails to do that. So, don’t expect couples-to-be to head online and checkout Bridesire.com months before their wedding date albeit, expect them to get down and dirty in search for rat’s tails.

United Kingdom – There is nothing peculiar here as this is usually the place for the royals. However, instead of opting for maidens to be part of the bride’s entourage, the couples actually have children sashay down the aisle. The reason is to invoke a fertility aura for the new couple. This is apparent in one of the most watched weddings of all time, the Kate Middleton and Prince William royal wedding.

Scotland – Blackening the bride is an ancient Scottish tradition, yet some modern couples are still observing it during their big day. In this particular activity, the couple is blocked from an easier path to the wedding venue as people throw dirt, mud, eggs, dung, foul milk, and basically anything that would make her dirty and stinking to remind them that marriage is full of obstacles and is never tidy at all times. Conversely, grooms-to-be wear skirts.
Certainly, these peculiar wedding customs around the world might not be the most naïve ones there is, but these are enough to remind all of us that marriage is definitely at all times breezy. Therefore, before heading to buy mother of the bride dresses (get yours here), first consider the type of wedding ceremony that you are getting into.

Kota Kinabalu

Posted By on November 15, 2012

The capital city of the state of Sabah which is located in western coastal region of North-East Malaysia is Kota Kinabalu. It is the most sought destination in Malaysia because of its popular beaches.

There are a lot of adventures to experience in Kota Kinabalu especially if you are into moderate to extreme adventure.

Angling – Because it is located western boundaries of Malaysia, sketched using the inky beautiful blue waves from the beaches there are many angling exercises held within this area. Guest travelers may also attempt to try out fishing. You are able to employ a fishing motorboat having a pair of leased hooks and rods, and start fishing. Attempt catching some fascinating fishes also. If you’re travelling to Kota Kinabalu throughout the month of May you are able to appreciate the Sabah International Fishing Event which is being done each and every year within the later part of the said month.

Scuba Diving – dive in to the blue sapphire beach to encounter the wealthy adventure of the underwater. You are able to touch the underwater inhabitants like patterned fishes, tinted coral reefs, and so on. Of course, scuba diving is being done the guidance of a professional diver. Each proficient diver is assigned to a specific scuba diving student before the actual scuba diving experience. They will offer you sophisticated diving equipment like higher resistant scuba diving suits, fins, hoods, boots, regulator, air tank, buoyancy control device (BCD), and so on. The majority of the islands in Sabah area can provide scuba diving experience and packages to everyone that is interested in scuba diving experience.

Trekking – the exotic rain forest area features dense inhabitants of assorted selection of floral population. The plants are widely known as being an eco-treasure exactly where you are able to discover uncommon species of therapeutic plant life and natural herbs. Just stroll or explore the beautiful rain forest with the assistance an expert in trekking like a trekking professional. Kota Kinabalu National Park will be the very best location for trekking. Private locations also are available for group trekking trips which may be selected based on the customer’s preferred date and month. Mt. Kinabalu offers an adventurous trekking experience situated in the slopes of Kota Kinabalu’s rain forest.

Seafood Consuming – Kota Kinabalu is unquestionably a seafood getaway. Individuals who reside within the bordering towns land up simply to possess a scrumptious burst meal within the nearby stalls along the beaches of Kota Kinabalu. You’ll dig in to the bowl of foodstuff because it tastes like heaven. Different types of uncommon crabs, fishes, lobsters, and so on are offered in the said stalls which are presented in an aquarium in restaurants which may be picked out and grilled anytime you want.